Researchers of Rubik's cube related software are often looking for new ways to spend their time online. Recently, it has been known that they have found playing USA texas hold'em is a fun way to pass their time. As you can see below is lots of interesting programs to do with the famous Rubik's cube.

These pages contain Rubik's cube related software. Programs for cube presentation on cube-related web pages are available as well as programs to help in finding for short move sequences to solve the cube or its part.

All programs are available for free and are in Public Domain, but support of any kind is welcome if you find them useful. If you present your work created using these programs, please put there also a note about the author and link to these pages.

This software collection was used to create entire site.

Presentation Programs

AnimCube Applet
An applet to present interactive move sequence animations in your pages.
ICube PHP Script
A script to show dynamically generated images of Rubik's cube state. Supports any NxNxN cube.

Solving Programs

ACube 3
A program to solve specified cube configurations (including not fully defined ones). It is very useful tool to find and/or optimize move sequences for cube solution methods.


Cube design
Cube Solving Methods
A page with various Cube solving methods focused on Corner-first ones.
3D Cube Design
Unique three-dimensional designs by Hana Bizek built from regular Rubik's cubes.
Fractal Java Tutorial
Lectures from Java focused on interactive fractals (Mandelbrot).
Quick Links
Some interesting and useful cube-related links to other web pages.